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Convergence Insufficiency Patients Needed for National Study

Dr. Gallaway is a Principal Investigator of the Vision Therapy Study Funded by the National Eye Institute


Does your child complain about headaches, eyestrain, loss of place or blurred vision during reading and close work? Is your child struggling with reading and attention?

citartpng350xIf your child is between 9 and 14, and has an eye muscle problem called convergence insufficiency they may be eligible for a new study at The Eye Institute in Philadelphia.

The study is called the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial – Attention and Reading Trial (CITT-ART) and is funded by the National Eye Institute. Dr. Gallaway is the Principal Investigator at Salus University in Philadelphia for the national study.

If Your Child is Eligible for the Study, They Will Receive:

  • 16 weeks of treatment at no cost
  • Educational testing and a report
  • Paid study visits

For more study details, please go to CITT-ART.com or contact our office.

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