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Vision Therapy Quiz

Take this quiz to see if you or your child have learning or reading related vision issues.


Total score greater than 20 indicates a higher risk for a vision problem. Further evaluation is recommended.

How often does this happen? Choose one.

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1. Headaches during school, homework, or screen use


2. Words move or get blurry when reading


3. Rubs eyes during close work or screen use


4. Fatigues quickly during reading, homework, or screen use


5. Tilts head or closes an eye while reading


6. Loses place while reading


7. Avoids reading or writing activities


8. Leaves out small words when reading


9. Uses finger when reading


10. Burning, watery or red eyes after reading


11. Poor reading comprehension


12. Reading or writing distance too close


13. Complains that eyes hurt during reading, homework, or screen time


14. Sloppy handwriting


15. Difficulty copying from the board


16. Leaves out problems on tests or worksheets


17. Homework takes too long


18. Doesn’t finish homework assignments on time


19. Knocks things over, poor depth perception

Is fire hot or cold?

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