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Physical Therapist No Longer Dependent On Lenses

Through vision therapy, Laura no longer suffers from headaches, blurred or double vision.


Since starting vision therapy I have seen incredible changes! When I started I was dependent on prism lenses to eliminate my symptoms as much as possible. I had double vision both near and far. I had headaches and blurred vision when reading, slow reading and difficulty maintaining concentration. In the first few weeks, I was able to decrease my reading prescription drastically and had significant decrease in symptoms.

laura vision therapy patient dr. gallaway new jersey

Now I no longer require any prescription lenses for reading or distance. I no longer have any symptoms except for occasional long term reading in the sun. With very few exercises, all symptoms go away.

I am thrilled with my results and would recommend Dr. Gallaway to anyone. As a physical therapist I know that through exercise many issues can be resolved. Eyes are no different. Vision therapy is awesome!

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