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Lizzi and Her Homeschooling Family Helped By Vision Therapy

Schoolwork and reading comprehension are so much easier for Lizzi.


Dear Dr. Gallaway,

Lizzi began vision therapy in May of this year. Up to that point in time, we were recognizing issues with her comprehension in several subjects. As a homeschooling family, we are typically able to repeat materials until better understanding is reached but this was just not happening in Lizzi’s situation.


We visited our regular eye doctor in April who immediately identified Lizzi’s vision issues and then recommended Dr. Gallaway for help. What a difference Dr. Gallaway and vision therapy have made!

“What a difference vision therapy has made,” exclaimed Lizzi’s mom. Her comprehension, academics and self esteem have increased!

Lizzi no longer struggles with comprehension and has improved academically tremendously. She doesn’t dread her schoolwork and enjoys spending time reading for fun.  The positive results from vision therapy have made a huge impact on Lizzi’s confidence and raised her self esteem!

Thank you to Dr. Gallaway and staff for everything!

Christina, Lizzi’s mom from Cherry Hill, NJ

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