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Joseph Reads With Enthusiasm Again!

Joseph started to read more slowly than usual, but through vision therapy he’s back to reading a book in just a few hours.


When Joseph came to Dr. Gallaway, he had vision issues that affected his learning and reading for a year. Joseph always did well in his schoolwork and would read short chapter books in a matter of a few hours. Then, things slowly changed.

He started to not want to do his schoolwork. He would read less and less, complaining of “tired eyes” and headaches. Fast forward to halfway through his vision therapy….Joseph’s schoolwork has improved back to his old levels of learning and he was reading with enthusiasm again!

Joseph enjoys reading chapter books again!

His goal was to read for an hour without his eyes getting tired. And his goal was achieved!! Joseph said his vision therapy was amazing and we are both grateful to Dr. Gallaway and Miss Debbie!

Lorraine, Joseph’s mom, from Lindenwold, NJ

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