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A Mom's Two Children Benefit from Vision Therapy

Occupational therapist’s children have improved not only in school but in sports…..and they enjoy reading now too!



Thank you all so much for working with our son, Johnny over the last seven months.  Our son has struggled with his early reading, writing, and spelling skills since kindergarten.  It wasn’t until he reached second grade that we began to see his vision difficulties impede his ability to be a productive learner and participator during his school day.  He has made steady progress in school this year due to the vision therapy sessions he has attended weekly.  He no longer complains of tired and sore eyes, and blurred vision.  His ability to read, line up math problems, attend and spell have all significantly improved.  As he puts it, “I feel like I have new eyes.”

John feels like he has new eyes!

As an Occupational Therapist working in the school system for twelve years, I have referred many students to Dr Gallaway for evaluation and treatment.  I have seen hands-on how these students succeed during their school day once they begin vision therapy.  I did not hesitate for one moment to have my own son evaluated and treated for visual deficits.  Vision therapy has changed his life and given him the confidence for school and sports.


We also want to thank you so much for giving our daughter her life back, and for bringing her confidence and her beautiful smile. Back in March, we began to notice that Gabrielle was having difficulty attending in school, fatigued easily with reading and classroom work and was easily frustrated with simple visual tasks. She complained often of tired/sore eyes and lost (seemingly overnight) her interest in reading books.

 Gabrielle loves to read again, she even renewed her library card!

The changes we have seen since she has begun vision therapy are amazing. Her focus and attention span have improved significantly for completing seated desk work timely, and independently. She no longer rubs her eyes throughout her day and her complaints of “tired eyes” are gone.  She renewed her library card and checked out her first library book (with excitement) for the first time in eleven months.  She is now able to read age appropriate chapter books with relative ease. We are truly thankful for your expertise. Thank you for giving her the chance to be the best she can be.

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